Eclipse Wash Out

Here was the view of the 86% eclipse from my house. Woo hoo! This big flippin’ cloud sailed in from nowhere just in time to block out everything. I’ll take another whack at it in 2024.

I wonder how Bill Tracey fared.

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5 responses to “Eclipse Wash Out

  1. Clear in Mathews; lots of dancing crescents under the trees; the neighbor’s rooster went crazy. Wa-Hoo indeed!
    [or is the University’s “Rebel Yell” now forbidden on the Grounds?]

  2. It was pretty decent down here. Great view.

  3. Saw it at both the Fairfax Government Center and later at my house in McLean. Was able to share glasses with neighbors.

    Later we had a 10-minute thunderstorm. Power outages all over McLean. Dominion doesn’t trim trees. When I get back from vacation, I’m filing a complaint at the VSCC.

  4. saw it near Bacon Hollow Road….

  5. In Illinois we also had a small pesky cloud cover the Sun right at totality but we had a decent view of totality just less quality time than expected. The view in the telescope was beautiful.

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