We recommend the following websites to readers seeking information about legislation and the money in politics.

Center for Economic Policy and Analysis — CEPA is a Norfolk-based think tank associated with Old Dominion University. It produces annual reports on the Hampton Roads and Virginia economies, and it maintains a dashboard of Virginia economic indicators.

Richmond Sunlight — This website provides easy, intuitive access to legislation filed in the General Assembly. Search by bill and legislator, access General Assembly video and find other useful tools. We like it better than the General Assembly’s own online tools.

Virginia Decoded. The Code of Virginia — for humans.

Virginia Public Access Project — This website provides access to critical public data that Richmond Sunlight does not. Get the poop on PACs, lobbyists, political candidates, elections, donors, vendors and a whole lot more.

Friends and Partners

Bearing Drift. A leading Virginia conservative website.

The Republican Standard. Another leading Virginia conservative website.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute Policy Newsletter. Once upon a time, Jim Bacon published this newsletter. The Thomas Jefferson Institute publishes it now. You can access it through the TJI website.

The Score. Our favorite radio talk show.

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