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Now They’ve Really Ticked Me Off!

Peter Strzok

Recent news reports have revealed that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, senior FBI employees involved in the bureau’s investigations of the Clinton email scandal and Russia-gate, have made all manner of derogatory comments about President Donald Trump. Their observations aren’t anything worse than what we hear on Cable TV every day, and independent prosecutor Robert Muller removed them from his probe when he discovered their  bias, so I haven’t gotten too worked up about their indiscretions.

But when they knocked Loudoun County, they really raised my hackles. Strzok texted Page, a senior FBI attorney with whom he was having an affair, after news that Jill McCabe, wife of deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, had lost her race to conservative Richard Black. The outcome of the race was “disappointing,” he said, adding that Loudoun County is “still largely ignorant hillbillys.”

Two comments.

First, Mr. Strzok, according to 2014 U.S. Census data, Loudoun County has the 18th highest percentage of population (25 or older) with a graduate or professional degree, and the 6th highest level with a Bachelor’s degree, of any county in the country.

Second, you misspelled “hillbillies.” You might want to think about that before you call anyone else ignorant.

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