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Make No Mistake, Dems Oppose the Tax Cuts

John Whitbeck

by John Whitbeck

I read the guest piece from Alfredo Ortiz this week (“Comstock Supports the Tax Cuts. Do Her Democratic Foes?“) with a bit of a smile. Republicans are pleased to be the driving force behind tax cuts in America. While Mr. Ortiz might be uncertain about where Democrats in the 10th District stand, those of us who have spent any time around this far left crowd are not.

There is no better example than the Democratic forum in Winchester earlier this month. The candidates were near unanimous in their view that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the single worst piece of legislation to come out of  the Federal government since the Alien and Sedition Acts.

State Sen. Jennifer Wexton, D-Leesburg, made her position absolutely clear: “I think the first thing we should do is try to roll back the tax cuts,” she said. “I am loathe to cut spending.”

Alison Friedman didn’t mince words either, saying that “Congress must address the abomination that is this tax bill.”

Lindsay Davis Stover said the tax cuts — which have already seen Virginians taking home bigger paychecks — were actually a “tax increase.”

Deep Sran went even further: “Everything that is wrong is in this one piece of legislation,” he said.

Make no mistake: if any of these people are sent to Washington, D.C., they’re an absolute lock to vote for Nancy Tax-Cuts-Are-Armageddon Pelosi to be Speaker, and a lock to vote to repeal tax relief.

Regardless of who wins the primary in the 10th District, it will be interesting to see how quickly the nominee changes his or her tune. Democrat rhetoric on taxes has run face-first into the buzz saw of reality.

People all over Virginia who were told their taxes were going up are getting bigger paychecks, and voters who were told they sky would fall are now seeing higher wages, bonuses, and better benefits. Poll after poll shows that early Democrat efforts to paint the law as a tax hike are failing miserably.

Rhetoric aside, Virginians are seeing the truth every time they get a paycheck. Checks are getting bigger, benefits are getting better. Come November, voters will remember who voted for bigger paychecks, and who will vote against them.

John Whitbeck is chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

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