Bacon's Rebellion

The Cult of Personal Fragility

Once upon a time, Americans prided themselves for being tough and resilient. They were strivers. They were survivors. They bounced back from adversity. Now they have become a nation of wimps, whiners and victims.

In writing a column about the absurd proliferation of “emotional support animals” on airplanes, George Will absolutely nailed what is happening:

A cult of personal fragility is becoming an aspect of the quest for the coveted status of victim. The cult is especially rampant in colleges and universities, which embrace the therapeutic mission of assuaging the anxieties of the emotionally brittle.

Well said! I predict that the phrases, “cult of personal fragility” and “anxieties of the emotionally brittle,” will enter the national lexicon. People are fed up with this nonsense.

Trigger warning, crybabies: Nobody cares about your anxieties. It’s time to grow up and act like big boys and girls.

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