Illuminating Rural Poverty in Virginia

Last week Augie Wallmeyer delivered a speech to the Virginia Historical Society on the “Extremes of Virginia.” If you haven’t read his book by the same title, listen to his speech. (Clicking on the image takes you to the Virginia Historical Society Facebook page, where the speech can be viewed.)

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  1. See if you can get the slides or a link to the slides… the video is not very good quality…hard to see and understand.. but I can tell the content is substantiative.

    • Although Facebook Live does have its limitations regarding quality, I wanted you all to know that the Virginia Historical Society posts higher-quality videos of all our Banner Lectures on our website within two weeks of the lecture. You can find them at Thank you for your interest in this program. Augie’s presentation (and book) really raise awareness of the remarkable disparity between the two Virginias.

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