Making Progress

Got email restored to my PC — not my laptop or tablet, but I’ll worry about them later. Apparently, my Outlook 2010 is too old. I’ll have to upgrade to the new subscriber-based Outlook. Anyway, the email setup process is so complex that I never could have gotten as far as I have without extensive help from the Godaddy help desk. I would refer back to my essay on how overly complex our society is getting… but of course, I still can’t access my old blog!

Enough with my problems… Any email you sent me since Friday morning is either trapped in Hostmonster denial-of-service-attack hell or has bounced back to you. But if you email me now, I should receive it. Of course, I’ll have to go out of town shortly to take care of an elderly parent. When it rains it pours!


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  1. Acbar

    A note to other readers: I wasn’t able to log in to BR using my usual name and password, presumably due to BR’s current website problem, but registering/logging in to WordPress first, then “linking” the WordPress and BR accounts (as suggested by WordPress itself to make login faster) bypassed whatever glitch was locking me out.